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Chef Sandy Keung

A New York CPA by training, a former hedge fund manager, then the CFO for a publicly listed company, Sandy Keung is a self-taught chef. After close to 10 years of private catering and guest chef experience in Vietnam and Hong Kong, she opened her first full service restaurant in 2014, TABLE by Sandy Keung, and traditional Hong Kong style BBQ restaurant chain Good BBQ in 2015. Today, Sandy is the founder, owner, and executive chef of six restaurants in Hong Kong.

TABLE by Sandy Keung_Sandy

'Happy chef, happy staff, happy food, and happy customers.'

Sandy believes ingredient is one of the most important element of any dish, especially for seafood. Her approach to seafood or other food preparation starts not in the kitchen, but how the live marine animals or other ingredients are harvested and dealt with during transport. TABLE is the only restaurant in Hong Kong with its own resident marine biologist and ozone depuration tank.

Not restricted by traditional geographical cuisine, our culinary team decides the best preparation method that suits a particular ingredient.

A TABLE for All of Us

Conscious, Progressive, Ingredient Based Cuisine - Uniquely Hong Kong & "Sandy's"

At TABLE, we incorporate seasonal ingredients according to Traditional Chinese medicine principles and the 24 Solar Terms to maintain harmony and optimise inner wellbeing. We apply our secret ingredients of happiness to create a progressive, sophiscated 'Conscious Ingredient-Based Cuisine' that is uniquely Hong Kong and uniquely 'Sandy'.

TABLE by Sandy Keung_Depuration
TABLE_Conscious Ingredient Based Cuisine.jpg

TABLE is the only Hong Kong restaurant with a marine biologist to take care of your food.

With a resident marine biologist and in-house ozone depuration tank, we depurate live seafood such as oysters, lobsters, and crabs, purging them of metabolic wastes, toxins, and pollutants accumulated during transit and over its lifespan.
Besides seafood, TABLE offers great affinity for land animal products and currently feature different Ibérico and other seasonal meat products such as Salt Marsh Lamb, Korean 1++ Ribeye, etc.

TABLE by Sandy Keung_Stewed Iberico Fish Maw with 48-month Iberico Jamon.jpg.jpg
Meet Your Friends and Loved Ones at the TABLE.
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