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Taste Happiness in Every Bite.


TABLE by Sandy Keung_Mud Crab Meat

Conscious, Ingredient Based Cuisine

At TABLE, we incorporate seasonal local ingredients according to Traditional Chinese medicine principles and the 24 Solar Terms to maintain harmony and optimise inner wellbeing. We apply our secret ingredients of happiness to create 'Conscious Ingredient-Based Cuisine' that is uniquely Hong Kong and uniquely 'Sandy'.


TABLE by Sandy Keung_Depurated Oysters

Our Unique 'Depuration' Technique

TABLE is a boutique restaurant that specialises in fresh seafood and other fine ingredients. With a resident marine biologist, it 'depurates live seafood such as oysters, lobsters, crabs, purging them of accumulated metabolic wastes during transit and 'reclocking' them back to their out-of-ocean condition.


TABLE Cares So We Act

Among TABLE’s core values is a deep respect for nature and the key role that artisan farmers play in gastronomy. We are proud to be a Member of Food Made Good HK, a sustainability consultancy supporting the F&B sector, as well as a Founding Member of Slow Food Chefs' Alliance Hong Kong. We strive to create impeccable flavours from what is available in our surroundings.

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A TABLE for all of us

"TABLE is the place where family and friends gather; a symbol of solidarity. TABLE is more than just about eating - communal dining is a quintessential human experience.

At TABLE, new acquaintances build relationships. We share life stories; make memories; discover common interests; reflect and forget disagreements. At TABLE, we make food and we share our passions."


A Note from Our Chef-Owner

Happiness and love are at the core of my cooking philosophy. 'Happy chef, happy staff, happy food, and happy customers.' I have always run TABLE as my full-time hobby since 2014. Creating flavours and cooking at TABLE, working with my team, and interacting with my customers give me great enjoyment and fill me with love daily. I believe in keeping TABLE as my hobby continues to fuel my passion.

We joke; we laugh; and talk to our food when we cook! I hope you can taste not only umami in our dishes, but also the secret ingredient of love!

TABLE by Sandy Keung_Sandy Keung

I am extremely grateful for all the support I have received throughout my journey as a chef at TABLE from both my very dedicated team and from our patrons. Thank you very much.

TABLE by Sandy Keung_English


Why didn't someone tell me!

We went with friends who have been to Sandy's Table numerous times .......and they only told us now ! what a fabulous place , freshest seafood , lobster bisque was extraordinary. Chef Sandy is very passionate about her food and it shows in every dish.

Greggy_11, Hong Kong


What The Media Say About Us


I hope to see more independent owner-chef restaurants in Hong Kong! 

by Tatler


Hong Kong’s Top Rising Culinary Stars


TABLE by Sandy Keung_VICE

Why This Seafood Restaurant Hired a Marine Biologist



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