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TABLE cares about you, society and the Earth. Therefore TABLE sources locally, cares our staff and works at our best to preserve resources.

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Sources Sustainably

TABLE uses local and seasonal produce to support Hong Kong business, and cut carbon footprint. Line caught fish are served at TABLE to help ensure the future of fish stocks.

Cares for Society

TABLE cares for society. Therefore, equal opportunities, training and clear policies are provided to keep employees happy. By Joining Food Made Good, TABLE can now engage community of businesses that are committed to sustainability, and provide support. 

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Preserves Earth for Future

To preserve natural resources, TABLE fully utilizes ingredients that comes in. And meticulously manage what goes out to reduces food waste to landfill. To keep ocean clean, TABLE use Ozone to depurate seafood, no chemicals are involved.

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Meet Your Friends and Loved Ones at the TABLE.